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Embroidery is the technique of decorating apparel, fabric, or other materials with needle and thread. Embroidery may also incorporate other materials such as sequins, rhinestones, or yarn. It can be produced by a machine or in some cases by hand. In our usage it is always done by a machine that is specifically made for the apparel promotional industry.

In our case we have multiple head embroidery machines that take designs from an attached computer and sew them onto the product to match the specifications of the design. The process begins with the design being converted from a typical computer format such as a jpeg, into a digital format that the embroidery machine can read. This process is known as digitizing and in many cases it can be one of the most time consuming parts of the whole process. Once the file is digitized, it is goes into the embroidery program on the computer attached to the embroidery machine.The products are set up and attached to the embroidered heads and the proper thread colors are put into the machine for the embroidery. The rest is magic.....not really but it is beyond the scope of detailed explanation because the computer sends the instructions to the embroidery machine and the design is sewn onto to the product.

Embroidery is considered a high quality print method that years ago was considered much more expensive than other print methods. This has changed in recent years because the process of digitizing has gotten much more cost effective and more in line with what it should cost for the work done. That translates into savings for the customers and in turn makes embroidery a more realistic customization process to use, even on small orders.

Embroidery is great on hats, polo's, and outerwear to name just a few. One of the major benefits is that it lends a very professional tone to the item it is added to. For this reason it is very commonly done on uniform pieces, or on items that a business wants to give away or sell as promotional goods. Unlike screen printing, for embroidery the number of colors in the design has no bearing on the price. This makes it a great choice for a design that features many different colors. Here at Uniform Creations we are proud to offer embroidery as a customization option for our customers.

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