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Screen printing is a very well known and highly regarded printing process. It is a technique that utilizes a woven mesh screen that is stretched around a wooden or metal frame. There is an ink-blocking stencil on the woven mesh that contains a pattern or design, and when the ink is applied to the screen, the stencil forms open areas that allow the ink to pass through the mesh and create a sharp-edged image.

Each ink color in each of the printing locations will receive its own screen and be run through the machinery and applied to the t-shirts separately. That is why the number of ink colors and print locations is one of the main factors that impacts the pricing of a screen printing order, because the more ink colors and print locations being used the more set up, materials, and labor are involved. Due to the initial cost involved in these factors screen printing is most cost effective at higher order quantities, and the price per shirt will vary a good bit depending on the quantity and the number of ink colors and locations being printed. If cost is a primary concern then it is a good idea to try to keep the number of print colors and locations to a minimum. For example the most economical route to take would be to get a single ink color printed on one side of the shirt only.

Screen printing is a very effective and high quality printing technique that allows any ink color to be printed on any color shirt. Not only can t-shirts be screen printed with a custom design, but a range of other products such as hoodies, sweatshirts, aprons, tote bags, and more are all good candidates for screen printing. This versatility makes screen printing the customization technique of choice in the apparel industry.

The technique of screen printing is very popular and it is the most common method of printing on a t-shirt. Screen printing is known for its durability, unique style, and texture. Many, if not most, of the graphic t-shirts available for sale in retail are printed using the screen printing method. Here at Uniform Creations we proudly offer screen printing as our primary technique for customizing t-shirts and other apparel.

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